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At Defender Resorts we know that we are here to serve boards of directors. At the end of the day it is the board of directors who makes the final decision on everything pertaining to the resort and we make it a priority to make sure they have all the information they need to make the best decisions.

We are an open book with our experience and knowledge, making sure that is within reach of the board. Our organization is structured so that all resorts have a general manager and an experienced Regional Director of Operations. Both the general manager and Regional Director of Operations along with a corporate executive are always in attendance at board meetings to be able to assist boards with the difficult decisions they have to make.

Our staff is up-to-date on state and federal laws, regulations, insurance details, statutes, travel industry trends and much more to share with boards.

We provide regular communications and assistance to boards of directors including:

  • Board & Annual Meeting Minutes

  • Monthly Financial Packages

  • Monthly Operations Reports

  • Comment Card Reports

  • Newsletters

  • Industry News

  • Meeting Notices (board, annual and proxy cards)

We provide full financial plans to resorts that include:

  • Operating Budget Summary

  • Operating Budget Major Variance Report

  • 12-month Forecast Worksheet

  • Salary & Wages Worksheet

  • Reserve Replacement Plan

  • Reserve Analysis

Owner Communications

We also provide ongoing owner communications through standard mail, e-mail and individual resort websites. Owners are provided with quarterly newsletters, statements, board minutes, access to a dedicated owner services manager and much more.

At Defender Resorts we give owners flexibility to pay their maintenance fees. From mailing in checks to online payments and even monthly bank drafts, we establish options that give owners the ease of paying the way they want to pay.

Our owner services department at our corporate office in Myrtle Beach is fully-staffed with knowledgeable Owner Service Managers to take owner calls, manage billings, deeds, collections and much more. They are readily available for owners to contact so they can stay on top of their vacation ownership.

At Defender Resorts we adamantly work to help owners make their maintenance fee payments. We provide all communications in an effort to collect debts on behalf of the association and have relationships with independent collections agencies to assist. The policies that we establish and implement for resorts is instrumental in improving collections percentages.


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