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The core of a healthy resort is proper financial management and communications about those financials. At Defender Resorts, we have a variety of programs to help resorts manage their finances and thrive. Historically, our resorts have available reserve funds for improvements, are prepared when something happens, provide clear communications to owners and have both long and short term budgets.


Proper financial management begins with proper budgeting. We assist boards with preparing an annual operations budget as well as a long-term budget for capital reserves, renovations, incidentals and reserve replacement.

Proactive Financial Management

We like organization and processes, especially when it comes to financial management. That’s why we are proactive with resort finances to keep them organized. We handle the receivables such as owner fees, assessments, late fees, user fees, rental income while also managing the outgoing payments such as owner rental proceeds, association invoices, taxes, insurance and more.

We provide monthly financial packages to all board members that include the balance sheet, income statement, monthly forecast, financial notes and the operations report.

Proper Financial Management assures the longevity of the resort and the ability to make major improvements without the need to special asses owners.

We provide full financial plans to resorts that include:

  • Operating Budget Summary

  • Operating Budget Major Variance Report

  • 12-month Forecast Worksheet

  • Salary & Wages Worksheet

  • Reserve Replacement Plan

  • Reserve Analysis

We give owners & associations the tools to excel.

At Defender Resorts we give owners flexibility to pay their maintenance fees. From mailing in checks to online payments and even monthly bank drafts, we establish options that give owners the ease of paying the way they want to pay.

Our owner services department at our corporate office in Myrtle Beach is fully-staffed with knowledgeable Owner Service Managers to take owner calls, manage billings, deeds, collections and much more. They are readily available for owners to contact so they can stay on top of their vacation ownership.

At Defender Resorts we adamantly work to help owners make their maintenance fee payments. We provide all communications in an effort to collect debts on behalf of the association and have relationships with independent collection agencies to assist. The policies that we establish and implement for resorts is instrumental in improving collection percentages.


Questions about your resort's or current management company's financial management?

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