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At Defender Resorts we assist with all refurbishment and renovations project, both major and minor. Our professional resort management staff works hand-in-hand with the board, contractors, suppliers and more to take care of resort improvements.

When undertaking a project we begin with a budget and timeline for the project and handle getting quotes and overseeing the whole of the project. As a large management company we have resources to help resorts make the best selections that will benefit all owners for the longest period of time and enhance their vacation experience all while getting things done within their budget.

We know what’s important during construction and renovation projects.


Quality is about finding materials and goods that will not only hold up well, but also give guests a comfortable vacation experience. With our experience and buying power resorts are assisted in making wise decisions that make the budget and the guest happy.


When renovating a resort there’s a lot more than just construction management involved. Guest satisfaction, placement and communication also has to be managed during the process. We make sure guests are not displaced or unhappy while the resort makes improvements.

A quality renovation, refurbishment or other construction project involves budgeting, reserve funding, sometimes special assessing or possibly dealing with insurance companies for settlements. We help oversee every aspect to make sure your project accomplishes the goals of the board within the budget.